Sirius Spots


I wrote sev­eral jin­gles for Sir­ius radio, for their show “Doc­tor Radio.” I am told they used one for a pro­mo­tional spot, though I never heard it on the air. Minia­ture com­po­si­tions are fun to make! The material’s got to stand up imme­di­ately, do its busi­ness and go away. At the very least, it’s a fun exer­cise in production.

Doc­tor Radio 6 Adjusted

This one, “Dr. Raj” includes a celeste part at 0:27 that reminds me of Copland’s Piano Con­certo, at 1:08 in part 1.

Dr. Raj

And my first attempt, which was rejected for being too cute:

Doc­tor Radio Theme
Posted: June 5th, 2010
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